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Gymkhana America Software.

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Download GAS Software Documentation.

Download GAS Software Tutorial (for the new user).

Attention: Existing GAS Software Clients (updated 08/20/20, build 5401) Note - Versions prior to 5.0 are no longer supported.

Download GAS Software 5.4 Upgrade (no charge, but you print the 90 page documentation yourself)

If you are using External Posting, use this link to install external posting on a secondary machine. Do NOT install it on the main machine. Download 5.4 External Posting

NOTE - You MUST already be on 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2 or 5.3 to install a 5.4 upgrade. If you are still on an earlier version (1.1, 2.0, etc.), please contact us for special steps to take.

All software is offered on a 10-day free trial basis. Once you purchase it, you have a non-transferable perpetual license. We do not charge you on a yearly basis. Upgrades are generally free, but never more than $25.00. After you purchase, there are no refunds, so use your 10 days to test the software according to your needs.

Due to extreme increases in shipping costs, we will no longer ship the products. All sales will be "Download Only".

Purchase Choices

After the purchase, you will recieve an Email within 24 hours with instructions on how to download the software and documentation. It will also have instructions on how to obtain your license key.

  • This is a software package Specifically for Gymkhana and other Performance Horse shows.
  • You do NOT have to be connected to the Internet to run this software.
  • It provides a rider database and flexible event pricing.
  • You can have up to 5000 riders in each show, as well as up to 60 events and 20 divisions within each event. That gives you a potential of up to 1200 award categories per show.
  • You can copy the rider signups from a prior show.
  • Match Racing is supported with a FarmTek Polaris timer.
  • Support is provided for Individual Competitor events and Team events. Team events can have 2, 3 or 4 riders per team.
  • Any Individual event can have a sidepot or be a full jackpot. Team events can be full jackpots, but not sidepots.
  • Networking is supported, and a draw/standings monitor is supplied for networked environments..
  • Points can be computed, based on number of riders, ext.
  • Any Event can be split into 2 to 4 lanes with direct input timer in each lane.
  • You can provide a Rating Matrix for each event, allowing you to rate riders into their correct division of competition. Rating rules are completely under your control.
  • Optionally, if a rider rides a time faster than their divisional matrix, the software can "bump" them up to the next highest division for that event.
  • You can have divisions based on ages, and the software can optionally calculate the rider's age and automatically place them in the proper division. In addition, for each performance division, you can have up to 4 age groups in the division, turning it into 4 divisions.
  • You can have divisions based on the fastest time run plus increments (Dynamic Divisions).
  • You can have divisions based on non-specific criteria (Other Type). Both the Age Group and Other Type divisions can be subdivided in A/B groups, where the A group is the top half of the division and B group is the bottom half of the division.
  • Your riders can sign up and pay for the show online, using Draws and show results can be posted to for on-line viewing.
  • You can create mailing labels from your rider database, and even limit them to recent riders.
  • If you have FarmTek© timers and/or Thunderpaws© timers, the times can go directly from the timer into the computer, eliminating errors and extra typing.
  • All events can be scored based on elapsed time.
  • It can do high point reporting for a single show and for multiple shows.
  • It maintains a rider database which is automatically updated during each show, making signups fast and easy.
  • It will create a financial report to reconcile your cash box and show how much profit you made from the show.
  • You can extract the show data and rider database to files which can be used as input to a spreadsheet or database program for local reporting.
  • You can create mailing labels from your rider database, and even limit them to recent riders.
  • You can extract html files for porting to your web page. Post your show results online!
  • Lots of other features too numerous to mention here.

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